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    You won’t learn about the nuances of Cape Breton Island and its neighbourhoods on the internet. You need to live and breathe the culture, people, and history of these unique places to understand what the future has in store. Our team lives and works in the areas that you live and work. We have the knowledge to understand your needs, and provide professional insight into your decision making. Our mission to foster solid relationships is based on the philosophy that service comes first, and our clients are the forefront of our success. Cabot Group Realty’s extensive network makes us a one-stop-shop when it comes to buying, selling, financing, building, and flipping homes, ensuring that we deliver the island experience that you deserve. Contact Us Today!

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    Tips for Selling a Home

    Selling your home may seem as easy as slapping a ‘For Sale’ sign on the front lawn and watching the buyers line up, but there are many things to consider if you want your home to sell fast, and at a price that you’ll be happy with.

    First, D



    Top Things to Look for When Viewing Homes

    Home buyers are all searching for that feeling. That ‘this is it – this is the one’ feeling the moment you walk in the front door of a house. When you believe you’ve found the home of your dreams, or when viewing any other home for that matte



    Tips for Buying a Home

    Planning to buy a home can be a daunting task, and often times it's hard to even know where to start. Once you get past clicking through homes on the internet, things seem to get a bit more complicated. Regardless if you're a first time home buyer,

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