Welcome to our fresh new website, and welcome to our blog. We’re happy to provide this space as a tool you can use for advice on looking for a new home, tips to help sell your home, and everything in-between.

We started our team because we both love Cape Breton Island, and we know that it takes people with a passion and understanding of this island to properly sell this island. We’re also confident that our experience in real estate (over 20 years combined!) gives us the abilities to grow and foster relationships with our clients – the base for delivering an amazing buyer/seller experience.

When we began The Cabot Group, we both agreed on what we wanted to accomplish:
1. We want to provide Cape Breton Island unmatched real estate service.
2. We’re committed to fulfilling all of your real estate needs, whatever they may be.
3. Most importantly, we believe in providing our clients the Island experience that they deserve.

We’re excited to get to know you, and we hope you check this space often for some amazing real estate tips and advice.

Or, you can call, email, or stop by anytime, and we’ll be happy to get started!

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